What type of building do you need?

industrial steel buildings

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings require a very specific knowledge of building codes and building processes.  Connor Construction has experience in both aspects of commercial construction.  This gives us the ability to project any issues and problem solve to allow building to keep on track and on budget.

Pole Buildings

Pole buildings serve many uses from agriculture to entertainment.  Connor Construction applies the same standards of home building to each pole building we construct, from a proper concrete footing to correct sway bracing and post waterproofing to assure you building whatever function it may be will stand the test of time.

thrive building
pole buildings

Steel Buildings

Steel buildings provide a specific set of challenges to a builder.  They usually have a very large footprint and tight tolerances for installation.  These are both requirements, which we have extensive experience with.  This allows us to complete the needed work on time and correctly.

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